Logan Year 7

Social Space


Coloured Pencils on Paper

Box 7: 7, St Thomas's Road

Logan was one of three prize-winners from our competition involving students from Coleridge Community College. The Students responded to the theme of ‘Hands, Face, Space’ in any medium they liked. From over thirty entries, three were finally chosen to display in a Bird Box gallery of their own. The prize-winners were chosen for their originality, technical ability and inventiveness.

Logan describes his work As Being About:

'...Covid and wondered how it connected to the stars...

I thought about how extreme these conditions would be for things that are so powerful, they generate enough gravity about themselves. I  decided to create a sociable solar system where planets had conversations about illnesses that were spreading and taking extreme measures - this reminded me of corona-safe people like my parents.

I thought of mixing comedy, reality and space, one of the key words which has had multiple meanings this year.'