'What Do you see?' Acrylic on Board ,2022

28, Birdwood Road

Here we have a piece of work by the one that goes by the name “heronheron”. Usually this artist is responsible for doing larger works and silhouette herons scattered around the Cambridge canvas.

So lets have a look at this smaller addition, The choice of canvas is not the standard stretched material canvas that is very popular with fine works, could this be a recycling method perhaps? A break from the traditional? Or just another piece of scrap wood?

As for the artwork, we have a heron, a bucket and a water feed. Lets pause for a minute or two and look at the picture.

Was the bucket of water for something else and the heronlanded in it?

Was the bucket meant for the heron?

Why would the heron feel the need to stand in a bucket?

I have so many more questions about this, do you?

It is nice to see the heron come from the usual silhouette into a form with a bit more depth and detail, the un-conventionalism of this does make it stand out.