Rupert Hartley

Stanza 9

Acrylic and cardboard on canvas

25 x 20 x 2 cm


Box 18: St Thomas's Hall, Ancaster way

‘Stanza 9’ is the latest work in Rupert’s Stanza series that he started last year in Lockdown 1. It combines cardboard and canvas as surfaces to paint on and construct celebrating colour and texture and drawing inspiration from the local environments in Hove where the he lives.



Rupert Hartley is a visual artist living and working in Hove, East Sussex. Trained originally in printed textile design his approach to painting is as an open ended process, a game of chance and repetition drawing inspiration from art history and the built environment. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally with recent exhibitions including: Together Through Painting, London Paint Club, This Year’s Model, Studio1.1 Gallery, The Land of Sol, Sol Art Space, Wells Art Contemporary 2019.