Hettie  Inniss

Kirkstall Market, 2021, Acrylic on canvas

31, Chalmers Road

The presentation of identity and the human existence is at the heart of my practice. Existentialism, individuality, connectivity and our desire to be part of a homogenous group are subjects of interest. All are sparked by my desire to explore identity beyond arbitrary labels and my feelings of detachment as a person of colour within education and beyond. I am tackling notions of post-identity within my work and what identity could evolve to mean beyond

preconceived notions. Through observational drawings of the public within the multicultural city centre of Leeds, and the spaces they occupy, I experimented

with deconstructing the physical form of both subject and environment as a means of questioning philosophical ideas of what it means to be human. My

work by no means attempts to solve societal inequity through the subject matter of post identity, it instead attempts to explore the human condition by envision these arguably utopian or perhaps dystopian landscapes that question who are we, what is equity and how it looks; how we define ourselves and how do we impact the world around us.

www.instagram: hettie_inniss