Molly Wallis

The Ring Ouzel 

24 cms x 20 cms

Mezzotint print

Box 1: 10 Birdwood Road

Molly Wallis is a painter and printmaker living in Suffolk. Birds are a symbol of freedom, if we lose them we will come crashing back down to earth, with a bump. The delicate connections between us, our landscape, flora and fauna dictates the wider climate emergency. In my work the true colour of the bird is absent, as if from an old book and from a time when there was no Red List. Through archiving these particular birds, I aim to celebrate their unique characteristics and personal histories, in the hope that they will not become merely another memory.


The Ring Ouzel or The Mountain Blackbird. A summer breeding migrant to the UK. It favors upland moorland, crags and gullies, making it a rarely seen and mysterious bird. These striking and elegant birds choose to follow routes where their favourite berries, the Juniper grow on their winter passage. Sadly, they have suffered a 43% decline in the last 40years, but only in the UK.