Pippa Prosser

Boris of Willendorf 

Smoke Fired Paper Porcelain 

March 2020 

Box 3: 43, Birdwood Road

Pip is an Arts Educator with 17 years of experience. Initially trained as an interior designer and worked in the field of architecture and conservation before retraining as a teacher. Alongside teaching, she is currently setting up her own practice as a ceramic artist, making, selling and exhibiting work. This year having built a studio in my garden, she is able to work from home and dedicate more of my time to making ceramics.


The Boris of Willendorf is a talisman to protect against Covid made in the first lock down. The figure is based on the 25,000 year old Paleolithic Figure the ‘Venus of Willendorf’ found  during excavations in 1908 in the village of Willendorf in Lower Austria.