Ayshe-Mira Yashin

Kabbalist Hands 2022

Risograph Print from fine liner illustration 

21 Taunton Close

Kabbalism is an esoteric method, discipline and school of thought in Jewish mysticism. The number ten is considered to be especially sacred in the Kabbalah, with the ten fingers of the Kabbalist hands often used as a symbol for this number.

I am a 19-year-old illustrator, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, and Nicosia, Cyprus, currently living in London, England. I grew up in Cambridge and spend my summers here although I am based in London during the term time!  

I am studying Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts (UAL). My art primarily consists of linework and ink illustrations, but I am working on expanding the range of media in my work and have recently discovered a love for risograph printing. I also make zines and artist books, and have created my own tarot deck. Through my practice, I am interested in exploring queer love, witchcraft and eco-feminism. My aim as an artist is to celebrate raw feminine power through an empowering representation of women's bodies, and to imagine possibilities of what queer love and intimacy could look like in a peaceful world, free of capitalism and of the patriarchy. 

Instagram: @illustrationwitch

Website: https://illustrationwitch.hotglue.me/